LUXX Profile



“We will be able to be much more agile in the future and for the benefit of our customers.
In the past, we have prepared the market in Germany for a new personality instrument.
We have the knowhow and we now also have the freedom to become the most innovative brand in the market segment”


Boltersdorf and Delnoy founded LUXXunited GmbH in 2016 in order to bring this vision to life.
They are the originators of the new personality diagnostic tool LUXXprofile, which measures a person’s individuality in a simple but precise way.

Basis of the new development are more than ten years experience in the professional application of a US American personality instrument they licensed, the Reiss Profile.
While the founders successfully established the licensed product in Germany and other European countries, the licensor prohibited development of up-to-date professional user application services.

The founders remain independent with their own personality test, the LUXXprofile, which has been developed by the. The existing, long-standing professional network of personality diagnostic experts contributed to the development of tools and services which a changing society needs today.


“Our vision is a society where each individual has access to the knowledge about his or her own personality. This knowledge creates the prerequisite for a reflected and appreciative relationship to oneself and others.”


A new quality level in test development

The more distinct personality is to be mapped the higher the requirements for test construction. This is especially true for applications that are based on individual diagnoses and recommendations. The University of Luxembourg’s Computer-Based Assessment Group employed state-of-the-art methods for test construction and was able to reach a completely new quality level.